Wikitastic Book Reviews

NEW! See how to take a Wordle and save it as a jpeg.

New! See how to upload a jpeg to the Wiki.

New! See how to create a new Wiki page.

April Wikitastic Book Reviews

New! See how to embed a Glog onto the Wiki.

For the month of April, third graders have selected a book of their choice. They will make a Wikitastic Book Review on our class wiki. Book Reviews must be posted on the Wiki by the last day of the month.

Directions for Making a Wikitastic Book Report:

1. Read the book.
2. Sign in to our Wiki.
3. Click on Wikitastic Book Review.
4. Click on New Page.
5. Name the new page with the book title and your first name spelled correctly.
(Example: How to Be Cool in Third Grade - Dawn)
6. Click on the pull down menu (blue arrow) and look for the template of the Wikitastic Book Review.
7. Tag it "april, your name," (Use lower case letters and the comma. Do not include the quotation marks. For example you will type: march, dawn,)
8. Click on CREATE.
9. Fill in the required information. The summary MUST have at least 8 complete sentences, and the opinion must have at least 5 complete sentences with correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
10. Click Save.
11. Make sure your book review appears under the correct month on our Wikitastic Page.

Tech Project for Wikitastic Book Report:

A. Sign in to our Wiki.
B. Go to Wikitastic Book Review Page.
C. Click on your own book review page.
D. Remember to click on "Edit This Page" to add projects to your book review.
E. Post or Link your technology projects on your Wikitastic Book Review.
F. Click SAVE!

Technology Choices
(One technology piece must be a Glog. One technology piece is the student's choice.):

1. Find and insert a digital picture of your book cover or characters from your book into your book review.
2. Include the URL of the picture you used as a link on your book review.
3. You may want to create a Wordle ( using important words from your story. Insert the Wordle into your book review. Name the project and include your first name. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Wordle- Dawn)
4. Create a picture in KidPix.
5. Create and upload a Glogster poster about your book.
6. Or you may want to try creating your own PowerPoint presentation!
7. Or get really creative and make your own video using a Flip camera.
8. If you have any other ideas, let me know!

**Toward the end of the month, I will schedule a one hour block in the computer lab for students to work on any tech project. This will hopefully alleviate any problems you may be experiencing at home!

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  1. Alex M-Ford GT
  2. alex space
  3. Alexa oh,baby
  4. Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit-Sophia
  5. Calvin Coconut - Lizzy
  6. Camp Alien - Alex L
  7. Chicago Cubs-TJ
  8. dogzilla
  9. Dogzilla - alex M
  10. Dogzilla - Alex.L
  11. Dogzilla - Brendan
  12. Dogzilla - Dawn
  13. Dogzilla - Grace
  14. Dogzilla - Sophia
  15. dogzilla -aidan
  16. Dogzilla -Dalbey
  17. Dogzilla Abby
  18. Dogzilla-Alexa
  19. dogzilla-Brooke
  20. dogzilla-charlie
  21. Dogzilla-Danny
  22. Dogzilla-jenna
  23. dogzilla-Jett
  24. Dogzilla-Kayla
  25. Dogzilla-Ohannes
  26. dogzilla-Prudence
  27. dogzilla-tj
  28. Dogzillia-lizzy
  29. Eleanor-Grace
  30. Flight of the Phoenix-Abby
  31. Footprints on the Moon - Danny
  32. Ford GT Alex M
  33. giraffes - lizzy
  34. Have a Hot Time Hades - Jett
  35. How to be Cool - Dawn
  36. It's Raining Cupcakes-lizzy
  37. laura ingalls wilder-alexa
  38. laura ingles wilder-alexa
  39. Love stinks-Brooke
  40. Margarete Steiff - Lizzy
  41. Martin's Big Words - Mrs. Leslie
  42. nathaniel fludd beastolgist-dalbey
  43. Odyssey Returen to Ithaca - Jett
  44. Pengunes -Natia
  45. penigins
  46. Pirates Past Noon - Danny
  47. Porsche - Charlie
  48. Ruby Lu-Sophie
  49. Sea of Ice- jenna
  50. Sea of Ice-jenna
  51. Sharks - Jett
  52. Smie-Prudence
  53. Stink and the Worldsd Most Super Stinky Sneakers - Alex11
  54. Storm Warning - Ohannes
  55. Summer Party - Natia
  56. Swindle-Kayla
  57. The Cereal Box Mystery-Alexd.L
  58. The Doll in the Garden - Ohannes
  59. The mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg- Aidan
  60. The secret of the old clock - Brooke
  61. The teacher who forgot to much
  62. the teacher who forgot too much
  63. touchblue-charlie
  64. Training Planes of WWII- Dalbey
  65. Twister on Tuesday - TJ
  66. We Can't All Be Rattlesnakes - Natia
  67. Wecome to Samantha's Wrold 1904-Brooke
  68. White Giraffe- Kayla
  69. Who's Afraid of Fourth Grade - Jenna
  70. Word After Word After Word-Grace