Social Studies

Michigan Research Projects

Third graders each researched a different Michigan topic. They then created a three dimensional display and wrote a research paper,
and presented their projects to the class. They have highlighted a couple of facts about their Michigan
topic in the video below. Projects were then put on display during Michigan Day. The students did a fabulous job!

Michigan Cities - See our Glogs!

Special Guest visits our room!

We all enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year! We learned about how the Chinese New Year uses the lunar calendar. Many traditions were shared and each student even received some lucky money to place under his or her pillow to bring good fortune. We were lucky to have a special guest come into our room to share with us!

Michigan:Our Michigan Tours - Each student researched a Michigan city and then created a glog using Glogster. They then toured their classmates' glogs and recorded facts in their Michigan Passports. This is what they had to say when their tour was over:"I liked doing it because I liked seeing other peoples' glogs," Charlie said."When I went to Sophie's glog I liked how she was really clear in her talking," Jenna said."I liked it when Jonathon put in all the information and wrote about the museum and put a picture," said Abby.Danny said, "I liked that we got to learn facts about different cities in Michigan."Sophie said, "I liked doing this because I saw all the interesting things they wrote down on their glogs."Alexa said, "I liked filling out the passports on all the different places we went to."Lizzy said, "I liked it because we saw all the pretty cities and pictures."Brooke said, "I liked learning more things about places I already knew about.""I liked seeing all the cool pictures," Alex M. said."I liked all the cool glogs that I saw!" Alex L. said.glogs_023.jpgglogs_022.jpgglogs_026.jpgglogs_030.jpgMap SKills and The Geography of Michigan - Some things we've learned:
Most of Michigan's population is in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan because there are more jobs there in agriculture and industry.
Scientists say that Michigan was formed by ice and fire. There were glaciers here and when the glaciers melted they left behind sand and rocks and plenty of lakes!
Michigan is surrounded by four lakes: Huron, Michigan, Superior, and Erie. Lake Ontario does not border Michigan.
Michigan two peninsulas are a very different from one another.
The Upper Peninsula is on average 10 degrees cooler than the Power peninsula.
The Upper Peninsula has water on three sides.
The areas between the cardinal directions are called intermediate directions.
A peninsula is a body of land that is nearly surrounded by water.
Climate is a pattern of weather an area has over time.
Traverse City is known as the cherry capital of the world. They have a Cherry Festival every year.
The Mackinac Bridge was completed in 1957.
Lake water warms the air and picks up moisture and blows toward land. This is called lake effect.
On a map key is for knowing what the symbols mean on a map.
Edmund Fitzgerald Wordle created by Mrs. Leslie's class

Constitution and Core Democratic Values:

Our Core Democratic Value Skits:

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