Wikitastic Book Review
Book Title: Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit

by:Paula Danziger
Wiki-tastic: WWWW
Number of Pages:
there are 120 pages in this book
This is a non-fiction book that tells the story of a nine year old girl having problems at school and at home. In this Amber Brown book the main characters are Amber, her mom, her mom's boyfriend Max, and her teacher Mrs.Holt. The conflict is Amber is missing assignments in school and does not want to meet her mom's boyfriend. The solution is Amber works harder in school and improves and she finally agrees to meet Max. In this book Amber goes to a slumber party and makes her own invention called Amber Brownies!
opinion My opinion of this book is it is very funny because Amber's friend Tiffani has a brother who plays tricks on her with her Barbie dolls.I think this book is also
creative because the author uses a lot of interesting words and chose a lot of cool pictures.Its a fun book to read because it is part of a series,so you can follow
the characters' stories.
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