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Book Title:Alien Contact

by:Pamela F.Service
Wiki-oker: WW
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Alien Contact, by Pamela F. Service, is a fantasy book about a normal person that is half alien and needs to go on a mission. The problem in the story is that one of the alien agents has been taken by the bad aliens and Zach an alien agent has to save her. The main charecters in the story are Sorn the alien agent that gets captured, Zach the alien agent that has to save her, a flying alien cat that helps Zach save Sorn, and a human friend that Zach and the flying alien cat find on their way to save Sorn. The conclusion in the story is that they find Sorn and save her.
My opinion on this book is that it was kind of confusing and that if you like alien books then you will like this one. I would give this book 2 stars if i had to but i think it's because i have not read any of the series yet.

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