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Book Title: Super Sports Star Alex Rodriguez

by: Ken Rappoport
Wiki-tastic: WWWW
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Super Sports Star Alex Rodriguez is a biography. The book is about how Alex Rodriguez went from High School the the pros in baseball. He is a shortstop. He is the highest paid player in professional baseball. His first team was the Seatle Mariners in 1993, and he received a $1.36 million signing bonus when he signed on with this team. The Seatle Mariners won the division championship in the 1997 season. In 1999 he hit 42 home runs which was a record breaker! In 2000 Alex Rodriguez signed with the Texas Rangers with a $252 Million Dollar contract. He still plays for the Texas Rangers today.
I thought that Superr Sports Star Alex Rodrigues was pretty good, not my favorite book. I like sports and liked to read about Alex Rodriguez. I like long books and this book wasn't really that long, but I do still recommend that you read it as it provides some interesting facts about Alex Rodriguez.

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